Celebrating 20 years..

Twenty years in twenty steps:


1. Established in 1995                                                                                      

2. Started out with 11 players and 1 coach

3. Entered Leinster hockey league                                                                

4. Moved yearly from Division 13 upwards

5. Trained in Newbridge Town and matches in Newbridge College      

6. Recruited yearly and added to our coach count

7. Continued to progress up the divisions in Leinster                              

8. Moved training to Kilcullen

9. Entered players at Interpro level                                                          

10. Trained players to coaching level








11. Moved training to Naas astro pitch                      

12. Code of Ethics completed by club members

13. Commenced Junior section of the club               14. Continued to recruit yearly and add to our coach count

15. Received land to build our own Astro Turf pitch                   16. Major fundraising kicked off

17. The big “R” hits everywhere                                                       18. Internship introduced and first of our juniors play senior

19. Juniors train in Newbridge College                                         20. 20th Anniversary celebrations!

"It all started when I took the dog for a walk in Newbridge College and spotted their 'fancy' (well it was 1995) new grit pitches .  I placed an ad for players in the Leinster Leader and the Club just took off...  Our first meeting was in Swifts and Barbara, Coxy and I were elected as the committee.

Training (and I use that term very lightly) took place in Newbridge Town FC . Melanie hired Koe Whelan as our coach after a couple too many in Coffeys one night and our motley crew of returned emigrants (Sharon) , schoolgirls (Grace, Doyler) , locals (Edel, Cait, Seanie) the ex-CPC crowd (Sandra, Tracey, Karen) et al started the merry journey that's still going 20 years later.

We certainly made enduring friendships and had great fun over the years.  I have made the best and truest of friends, enjoyed a brilliant social life and became involved in a great community of people through the Club.   


I am very proud of all our achievements together and hope the club continues to live in for another 20 (at least)!"


Orla Stewart

"It was 1995 and I was just back from college and looking for a hobby when I spotted and ad in the Leinster Leader looking for people to play hockey and the rest as they say is history! 


I volunteered to be on the committee and 20 years later I am still there!  Being a part of the foundation of Newbridge Hockey Club is one of my proudest  achievements.  On that fateful day I became part of a wonderful group of people who share a common interest and who have made my life more enjoyable and memorable from day one!  I have made many fantastic friends and have had some brilliant experiences with these friends – we have been there for each other through thick and thin, the good times and the bad, we have laughed together, cried together, celebrated together and grown together into the people we are today. 


We started out as young, fit, enthusiastic girls with the world at our feet and a lifetime of experiences ahead of us.  We have achieved much in our twenty years and our lives have been shaped by our membership of our fantastic club.  Through the twists and turns of life Newbridge Hockey Club has been a constant and the friends I have made and the memories we have together are priceless.


Hockey to me is more than a hobby it is one of my greatest passions in life and I am thankful to Newbridge Hockey Club for giving me the opportunity to participate in the sport for the past 20 years – it has been a wonderful journey!  I now look forward to another phase in my journey with the senior club and our fantastic junior club.  I hope to instil in my own daughters and all of my wonderful under 8’s  my deep passion for the game and to allow them experience the joy and happiness that this team sport can bring!"


Elaine Cox (Coxy)

"The club has given me 20 years of absolute joy, craic, fantastic friendships but mostly I adore the game.  


In 2004, we won the double and that had to have been the highlight as it was massive achievement for such a new and small club.  Obviously, being promoted to senior was without doubt a very proud time for our club and I was privileged to be part of the team that achieved this honour. 


Our junior club is also something to be very proud of and this is all down to the fabulous volunteers who make it happen.  The social aspect of our club was second to none back in the day and I will always cherish the crazy, fun and boldish memories!!!  


To sum up in a few words my feelings towards our club ..... friends, fitness, craic, fags and booze .... oh yeah and of course Hockey!!"


~ Sandra Whelan


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