Government announcement on COVID 19 that Dublin is placed on Level 3 from midnight 18/09/2020


Following Hockey Ireland’s statement and the Government announcement that Dublin is moving to Level 3 of the Living with Covid plan from midnight tonight (18092020) and having regard to the guidelines by the Sport Ireland Return to Sport Expert Group, the LHA Board, Ladies and Men’s Committees have confirmed the following:


  • Finals scheduled for 18 – 20th September can proceed as scheduled

  • Men’s Cup Finals carried over from the 2019/20 season scheduled for the 03rd October are considered to be “pre-planned” and so are permitted

  • Men’s Division 1A and 1B can proceed as scheduled

  • Ladies Division 1 and 2 can proceed as scheduled

  • Ladies and Men’s Divisions 3 – 13 will commence on 10th October (per published fixture schedule)

This will be kept under review and may be subject to change in line with Government announcements.

Effective date 25 August 2020

This has been updated to reflect the Government announcements made on the 18 August 2020 link here. 

and Hockey Ireland guidance issued on the 20 August 2020 link here.

Summary of changes announced on 18 August 2020 & impact for Newbridge HC COVID protocols:

  1. Strict adherence to 2m physical distancing should be maintained and if training sessions do not require contact or proximity, they should be planned accordingly (particularly for younger age groups).

  2. The 15 people (including coaches or team managers) per designated training area must be maintained at all times.

  3. A designated training zone is a cordoned-off area that must use the half-way pitch dividing net. Players allocated to that training zone are described as a designated ‘training pod’. Players cannot move between ‘training pods’

  4. Dugouts are NOT to be used as per current protocols.

  5. If a training session or match is in progress, any subsequent training group cannot enter the pitch unless and until a training zone is fully clear.

  6. There should be no gatherings including social before or after sporting events.

  7. Matches are still permitted though no spectators are permitted. There are further guidance and requirements outlined in the Hockey Ireland Return to Competition Protocols link here


If you are concerned you might have COVID-19 symptoms and have been recently in the club, please email us at both the address below:

Secretary: Jen O’Reilly



COVID Officers: Maria Cox & Elaine Cox 


Extract from Government announcement in relation to Sport

Sporting events and matches can continue to take place but behind closed doors with:

  • strict avoidance of gatherings, including social gatherings, before or after events strict adherence to 2 metre physical distancing before and after events, during breaks in play, on the side-lines and avoidance of team huddles

  • gyms/leisure centres/swimming pools/exercise and dance studios will remain open with strict distancing and other appropriate protective measures in place

  • limits of 6 apply to exercise and dance classes with appropriate physical distancing

  • limits of 15 apply to groups outside including training sessions (with exception of elite/professional sports and horseracing). There should be no mixing between groups


Useful Links: Government StatementReturn to play

General COVID-19 guidance for adult players, coaches, and team managers


Entry & Exit from the Pitch

  • Entry to the pitch should be at the new perimeter gate located at the half-way line.

  • Access to the pitch should be via the pitch entry gate at the far end beside the junior shed.

  • The exit from the pitch should be the near/light shed gate.

  • The Pitch gate should be opened & locked during training sessions and matches.

  • There must be a COVID-19 Supervisor on duty for all training sessions and matches.

  • If it is not obvious who the COVID-19 Supervisor is, each player must ensure they make themselves known to the COVID-19 Supervisor before commencing playing.

  • Each team’s COVID-19 Supervisor is responsible for ensuring all participants use the disinfectant spray and spray their hands before training sessions, matches & afterward.

  • If a training session or match is in progress, any subsequent training group cannot enter the pitch unless and until a training zone is fully clear.

  • There is no access to the changing rooms or toilets which are currently locked.


Equipment on the pitch

  • Only sticks, balls & throw down lines to be used with a minimum number of cones.

  • Preferably goals should not be moved around & left in the positions they are in.

  • Only coaches/supervisors should touch or move equipment.

  • No sharing of sticks & hockey balls should not be picked up by hand.

  • There will be no sharing of GK gear or using spare sticks during this time.


On pitch sessions guidance

  • All coaches should plan their session with COVID-19 adapted technical coaching drills (i.e. If we can reduce risk through planning training sessions that reduce or eliminate contact during training we should do so).

  • All technical sessions should ensure that no player is ever within 2m of any other player or coach on the pitch (this should be checked through a player holding out their stick at full stretch and should not be able to touch any other player).

  • COVID checks for players should occur before each session or match.

  • No mini-games involving contact should be played for juniors.

  • Coaching plans & set up should ensure minimum (or no) moving of cones & other equipment which only the coach should touch/move.

  • No sharing of water bottles & there should be no single-use plastic bottles left behind on the pitch.

  • At the end of the session, the coach should tidy away all the equipment & sanitize hands at the end of the session. All participants should be advised to use toilet facilities before attending sessions.

  • Spitting is never allowed on or off the pitch and all players are reminded of this again.

  • No litter to be left behind and the Team Captain must ensure all litter and clothing have been removed at the end of the session.



  • In line with the new Government guidelines, no spectators will be permitted.


Pitch layout for practice sessions.

  • In line with the new Government guidelines, no more than 15 individuals may occupy any training zone for the entire duration of a training session.

  • These are described as ‘training pods’ Players are NOT permitted to move between training pods or training zones in any circumstance.

Health check required prior to each session

The following checks should be conducted by every player (or parent for junior players) prior to travelling to Newbridge Hockey Club to take part in a hockey match or training session. It is a pre-requisite of all participants that these checks are conducted at home and only players who agree to perform these checks are permitted to use the pitch at this time


Players (parents for junior players) are required to confirm their “Availability” to the club secretary at prior to each match or training session which is their confirmation they have conducted this Self-Assessment Health check. For all junior, this confirmation must be sent by 8 pm on Saturday evening preceding the training session/ match.

Health check questionnaire


COVID Officer responsibilities

Prior to Return to Play

  1. Perform a risk assessment of the club’s procedures and facilities

  2. Ensure procedures remain up to date with current government & Hockey Ireland protocols

  3. Communicate the Covid-19 safety plan and procedures to all members


Ongoing Duties

  1. Remain up to date with all current guidelines and protocols

  2. Ensure the plan is fully implemented and followed at all times

  3. Ensure either a COVID officer or a COVID supervisor is present at all matches and training sessions

  4. Ensure online electronic records are kept of all attendees to enable contact tracing

  5. Ensure the club has appropriate good hygiene practices and protocols communicated to members

  6. Ensure adequate signage is on display

  7. Ensure regular cleaning of equipment and door/gates where appropriate

  8. Monitor social distancing requirements are being followed


Re-active emergency duties

  1. Inform General Committee that a player has stated a suspected/confirmed case of COVID-19 has attended training or played a match within the past 14 days

  2. Follow confirmed or suspected case protocols

  3. Assist in contact tracing through providing details of all sessions or matches the player has attended and contact details of all others who also attended those sessions

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