At Newbridge we love getting new members into our club and our aim is to make playing hockey as enjoyable as possible while developing players to the best of their ability.

We try make joining our club as easy as possible as we know it can be daunting joining a new club, especially if you don’t know anyone! We want you to get to know people, enjoy your hockey and make you feel as if you have always been a part of the club.

We welcome all abilities at our club whether you are brand new or an expert at the game. 

Get started by dropping us an email to or a message to our facebook to let us know who you are and we can answer any questions you have.

When you join; introduce yourself to as many people as possible and participate in games, training and social nights out. Once members see you once they will recognise and you will start to make friends.

Join Hockey - Because you can!  

Credit to Sport England for above video. 

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2019/2020 Season resumes in late August 2019


2019/2020 Season resumes on Sunday 8th September 2019





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