Player Profile : Lynda Harman 1sts Vice Captain

Name? Lynda Harman How long have you played hockey? It's over 20 years since I started playing, with a few years out here and there How long have you been with Newbridge HC? 10 years Lynda you're from Countae Ciarrai, did the decision to join Newbridge HC help with the move? Definitely. When I moved up at first I knew only one person in the area and thought I'd be here for a year or so, but through hockey I've made many friends and am still here. I don't usually get home from October until April except for Christmas! Do you play any other sports / activities? Gym and swimming at the moment. Have played a bit of everything over the years though Favourite Sports Person? Colm Cooper Biggest in

​Player Profile: Ciara Brody 1sts Captain

Name? Ciara Brody How long have you played hockey? Too long, started in 3rd class in primary school so doing the maths that’s 22 years How long have you been with Newbridge HC? This is my 4th season Do you play any other sports / activities? Used to play gaelic football & tennis, but lately joined the trilogy triathlon club Favourite Sports Person? The legend that is Sonia O’Sullivan Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? My family I suppose, for encouraging & supporting me to take part and continue to play sports Best advice someone has ever given you? “Live the moment” Favourite music? A mixed bag of everything literally; pop, rock, trad, country. I enjoy playing the spot of tr

Player Profile: Suzanne Scott (1sts) aka Wardi

Name? Wardi How long have you played hockey? About 8 years on and off How long have you been with Newbridge HC? This is my 5th year Do you play any other sports / activities? Running, yoga, bit of tag rugby in the summer, the odd hike in Wicklow Favourite Sports Person? Rafa Nadal Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? Definitely my dad - some tennis player in his day, played badminton for Ireland, great golfer too. My granny Nora has to be up there too, one of the first women to play golf in Castletroy golf club and kept going well into her 80's. Some woman for one woman! Best advice someone has ever given you? Better to try and fail than not try at all. Or, 'if you can dodg

Player Profile : Sarah Ussher (2nds)

Name? Sarah Ussher How long have you played hockey? I started playing for the first time last season Why did you decide to take up hockey? A lot of my friends have had to move abroad in seek of work so I was looking for something to do in the evenings where I could meet new people but also get fit and have fun. Favourite Sports Person? Paul O’Connell Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? If I am being really honest, I would have to say my boyfriend although he would kill me for being so corny! A late bloomer in sports himself, he showed me how sport can be so good for both your mental and physical health. He opened up a whole new world to me of different types of training, wha

Player Profile of the Week - Club Captain Emma O'Connell

Name? Emma O’Connell How long have you played hockey? 18 years Position on the 1sts team? Wherever but mainly central mid or sweeper Favourite Sports Person? Past - Ryan Giggs Present - Peter O'Mahony/Jamie Heaslip Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? Eimear Creegan (I played with her in UL and she was inspirational on and off the pitch) Best advice someone has ever given you? A smile costs nothing but gives a lot Favourite music? Soul - love a bit of Aretha or Ottis! Favourite movie? Too hard to choose - a few of my faves are Chocolat, Matrix, Lord of Rings, Shawshank Redemption Who’s the tough nut of the team? Toss up between Natalie (I’m just happy we are on the same team,

Newbridge v Clontarf Sat 8th Nov

On Saturday the 8th of November 2014, Newbridge’s 1st’s played Clontarf away. The match started at 12:30 in Clontarf’s grounds. With our warm up finished, our game heads screwed on and our pep talk from our coach Owen under our belt, we were ready to go out fighting. Unfortunately we couldn’t find our feet quick enough and were on the defensive immediately. In the first 15 minutes of the game Clontarf spent most of the time in Newbridge’s half and managed to score 2 goals. The first goal was a one on one with the goalkeeper Emma after only about 5 minutes. After the ball was back in play Clontarf were immediately on the attack again and despite the best efforts of the Newbridge sweeper Lynda

U14 West Leinster Extreme 8's

Newbridge Hockey Club hosted the West Leinster U14 Extreme 8's blitz on Sunday 09/11 with Enniscorthy HC, Carlow HC and Abbeyleix HC as the visiting teams. Newbridge College grounds were a hive of activity with approximatley seventy 1st years involved. Newbridge HC would like to thank all the parents for amazing food and refreshments, the umpires for fair and well run play. The players who gave it everything . Newbridge HC youth leaders without whom nothing would happen!! Team managers Emma and Caoimhe, tournament supervisor jenny , Geoff for first aid and Emma, orla and jenny for organising. We hope all our visitors enjoyed themselves. What a great few hours of hockey!

Meet your 2014/2015 Committee

L-R Emma, Louise, Martina Alice, Coxy, Jenny Sharon, Cólleen, Ruth Welcome to the 20th season at Newbridge Hockey Club. We are very excited about all the plans we have to ensure this year is bigger and better than ever. Now let's get down to business and introduce you to the wonderful ladies running the show in the backround! Chairperson: Sharon Whelan is a long standing member of the club and taking lead once again this year. Club Captain: Emma O'Connell has been given the prestigious role of Club Captain. If you need anything look for Emma's face! "Work hard, play hard!" Secretary: Jenny 'the super secretary' Kavanagh is back for another year of hard and impeccable work. Any questions you

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