Meet your 2014/2015 Committee

L-R Emma, Louise, Martina

Alice, Coxy, Jenny

Sharon, Cólleen, Ruth

Welcome to the 20th season at Newbridge Hockey Club.

We are very excited about all the plans we have to ensure this year is bigger and better than ever. Now let's get down to business and introduce you to the wonderful ladies running the show in the backround!

Chairperson: Sharon Whelan is a long standing member of the club and taking lead once again this year.

Club Captain: Emma O'Connell has been given the prestigious role of Club Captain. If you need anything look for Emma's face! "Work hard, play hard!"

Secretary: Jenny 'the super secretary' Kavanagh is back for another year of hard and impeccable work. Any questions you may have regarding registration and policies, Jenny is your woman! Your smallies may also recognise Ms Kavanagh from Athgarvan School.

Treasurer: Martina 'No Fear' O'Connor is keeping finances under control once again this year (thank god!!). She will be chasing you all for subs so remember her face!!

Fixtures Secretary: Elaine Cox aka Coxy has been doing this job for about 150 years now, simply because she does it so well!! She can also be found flying around after the U8s on a Sunday morning!

PRO: There is a new dynamic duo taking over the PRO role this year; Louise Sheil who in her own words is a stickler for time-keeping (hmmm yeah right!!) and BORN READY!!

Her partner in crime, Cólleen Devine who is still a little confused as to why she can't bring her camogie helmet (and innner camogie player) to the field!

Fundraising: Another cracking duo is leading the club's fundraising this year;

Ruth 'the bolt' Conlan "22nd fastest player over a yard", alongside Alice Burns are going to ensure that the 20th season is full of fantastic social fundraising elements!

Junior Leader: Sharon Whelan (as if she doesn't already have enough to do!!) will oversee the running of the whole junior section this year and no doubt ensure it is another fun filled season!!

If you are intersted in getting involved or helping us out in any way, please get in touch. We would be only delighted to get all the help we can!!

Here is to a fantastic 20th Season!

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