Newbridge v Clontarf Sat 8th Nov

On Saturday the 8th of November 2014, Newbridge’s 1st’s played Clontarf away. The match started at 12:30 in Clontarf’s grounds. With our warm up finished, our game heads screwed on and our pep talk from our coach Owen under our belt, we were ready to go out fighting.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find our feet quick enough and were on the defensive immediately. In the first 15 minutes of the game Clontarf spent most of the time in Newbridge’s half and managed to score 2 goals. The first goal was a one on one with the goalkeeper Emma after only about 5 minutes. After the ball was back in play Clontarf were immediately on the attack again and despite the best efforts of the Newbridge sweeper Lynda and the backs Wardi, Martina and Jenny, Clontarf managed to get a short corner and from this they got their second goal from a rebound. Newbridge then found their feet and started to play Clontarf at their own game, our passes were strong and accurate and the game started to level out. With our midfield players Emma O’C, Emma O’N, Danielle and our Captain Ciara making some good runs into Clontarf’s half, we started to make a few opportunities to take a shot at goal.

At half time Owen made a few changes, Catchie went into goals and Aoife came on in midfield. We played much better in the second half after a few pointers from our coach. The rain which had started in the first half continued to get heavier and the whole of the second half was played in heavy rain.

The pace of the game picked up and the play was evenly divided between both teams. With Natalie and Jenny K getting some chances to shoot, the Clontarf goalkeeper was kept on her toes. However Clontarf managed to score one more goal despite Catchie making a sliding dive in an attempt to stop the ball going into the net. But Newbridge kept fighting until the end of the match and left the pitch having played much better in the second half of the match.

Final score Clontarf 3 Newbridge 0

~ Emma McCann

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