​Player Profile: Ciara Brody 1sts Captain

Name? Ciara Brody

How long have you played hockey? Too long, started in 3rd class in primary school so doing the maths that’s 22 years

How long have you been with Newbridge HC? This is my 4th season

Do you play any other sports / activities? Used to play gaelic football & tennis, but lately joined the trilogy triathlon club

Favourite Sports Person? The legend that is Sonia O’Sullivan

Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? My family I suppose, for encouraging & supporting me to take part and continue to play sports

Best advice someone has ever given you? “Live the moment”

Favourite music? A mixed bag of everything literally; pop, rock, trad, country. I enjoy playing the spot of trad –flute, whistle, concertina.

Favourite movie? Armageddon jumps out for some reason, it’s either that famous song or the fact I cry every time I watch it

Who’s the tough nut of the team? Martina, she’s tougher than a brick wall

Who’s the quickest? Close between Caoimhe and Emma O’Neill

Who’s the joker of the team? Nat “Nicki Minaj” Calder

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? Eh… in the absence of Lou, it’s probably me

Any advice for someone looking to try a new sport? If you’re looking for a team sport to embrace for those winter months & not afraid of the rain, hockey is worth a go!!

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