Player Profile: Cólleen Devine 2nds Captain

Name? Cólleen ( or Có)

How long have you played hockey? Eh not very long, only started last year!!

Why did you start playing hockey? A lot of my friends are living abroad or married with kids so I wanted to expand my social circle. I have played football and camogie in the past (up the moores!!) but fancied a challenge so went for hockey.

How did you find it when you first started? To be honest really hard, but the patience of the coaches and girls is unreal. We had a fantastic captain last year in Ruth and she really showed me the ropes along with the other new girls. Ann Nolan Dempsey, Coxy and Sharon Whelan were all a MASSIVE help too as they really showed me the ropes cause believe me at times I was beyond clueless.

Do you play any other sports / activities? No other sport at the moment but training in The Performance and Fitness Academy with a couple of the other girls – defiantly benefits me on the hockey pitch.

Favourite Sports Person? Got to be Johnny Doyle – Kildare GAA hero

Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? Probably my Da, he is sport mad so I have been from an early age. Him and mam must have been bored to tears watching me and my brother out in Athgarvan all those years ago but its defo the reason we are so active now. He also helped coach the Moorefield Ladies team a few years back so I HAD to go training! We are defo a GAA house but I think he is proud of me attempting a new sport! He will always come and support if he can too which is great. Thanks Da!!!

Best advice someone has ever given you? Forget about what other people think, the ones who are important are the ones that don’t judge you. The others can all jog on!

Favourite music? Biffy Clyro (have the tattoo to prove it!!) Am partial to a bit of 80s cheese too!!

Favourite movie? Easy – Home Alone! KEVINNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Who’s the tough nut of the team? Coxy – I wouldn’t be on the opposing team for love nor money

Who’s the quickest? Sharon Whelan takes off with some speed after a ball!!

Who’s the joker of the team? Ruth craics me up, esp when I’m trying to give a serious half time talk I end up laughing my head off!!

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? Well Sarah and Ruth can fight over this one!!

Any advice for someone looking to try a new sport? Just do it. I can’t believe I left it this long to play hockey. The friends I have met through Newbridge HC are just fantastic. It doesn’t matter what YOU think your ability is, Rome wasn’t built in a day, just do it. You won’t regret it.

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