Player Profile: Nicky O'Farrell

Name? Nicky O'Farrell

How long have you played hockey? I played in school. I joined newbridge last season.

Why did you decide to play with Newbridge HC? I wanted to play in a competitive sport. Susan Waters suggested Newbridge Hockey Club. So I took a chance and joined up.

Do you do any other activites/sports? I jog a lot and do Zumba dance in the summer.

Sporting hero? Jessica Ennis Hill

Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? My mum always encouraged sports when we were young. My siblings and I played just about anything that had a ball or stick involved and we are all still at something.

Best advice someone has ever given you? Grab the bull by the horns; if you want something don't wait to be given it.

Favourite music? I like all sorts of music, favouring Kasabian at the mo though.

Favourite movie? Despicable Me 1-2 never gets old.

Are you enjoying playing with Newbridge HC? Totally hooked. I like the training and the banter. The girls are a barrel of fun. The coaches have some patience. All the girls who have been there a while are more than willing to answer any questions and help evolve your game.

Who would you say is the tough nut of the team? Without a doubt COXY. Thank goodness she plays for us.

Who’s the quickest? I think we can all move when there's a ball involved.

Who’s the joker of the team? I think we have 3. Sharon, Cólleen and Ruth. Always messing and laughing.

Any advice for someone looking to try a new sport? Well I know it isn't me. Let the rest can argue over that one.

Best advice someone has ever given you? I think you should definitely find an exercise that suits you and that you enjoy. Your health is your wealth.


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