Player Profile : Martina Kenny

Name? Martina Kenny When did you first start playing hockey? I played in school as goalie! Didn't play for years after this. Then took it back up as a way to keep fit for Camogie around 9 years ago. How long have you been with Newbridge HC? Think this is my 8th season with the club. I played for glenanne for 1 year before this. Position on the 1sts? This year mostly sweeper, centre back before this. I have played in every position over the last few years (apart from keeper!) I don't mind where i play once I'm on the pitch Do you play any other sports / activities? I've been plating Camogie for the same club since I was 10 (not that long ago ahem.....) Every year I say its my last and every Summer I end up on the pitch much to my husband annoyance! Ive done a bit of running and circuits too but much prefer team sports. Favourite Sports Person? Such a hard one. Always loved Ciaran Whelan when he played for the Dubs (COYBIB) Such a power house in the mid field. Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? As a child it was my primary school teacher Mr O Donnell that first gave me a hurl. He had me playing with the girls and the lads team for a few years. Who knows if I would have started without that intro to the game. Best advice someone has ever given you? Listen to your body - Ann Nolan! and don't sweat the small stuff. Life is too short to get stressed over some things


Favourite music? If you ask my daughter who I was going to marry she'll tell you Bon Jovi. I have a long standing love affair with him! But will listen to anything from Ed Sheeran/Take that/George Ezra. Favourite movie? Love the Shawshank redemption. Also a good comedy that you can laugh out loud at. Recently saw Bad neighbours - hilarious! But not one to watch with the kids The rest of your team say you’re the tough nut, something to do with broken knee caps, can you expand? I may or may not have broken a knee cap in a match and kept playing the last 15 minutes to the end of the game. There are plenty of tough nuts on the team and in the club, girls who have such a great attitude and get on with it regardless of the game/scoreline. Who’s the quickest? JT is but will have some competition when Lou returns. Some great speed in the young ones too. Love having young legs on the team to chase the other young ones! Nothing worse than marking someone that's the same age as your own daughter. Who’s the joker of the team? Has to be Nat (Nikki) Edwards - everyone should ask her to pronounce Muireann this week - hilarious! Or better yet ask her to reverse her car into a tight spot!

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? Louise!! Even when we tell her the meeting time is 30 mins earlier! Sue Waters can be guilty here too but seems to be improving.

Any advice for someone looking to try a new sport? Give it a go - sure what have you got to loose. Its always the thoughts of going that are the worst. But once your there its great. You'll never regret trying something - you'll regret not trying.

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