Player Profile : Jayne Lenehan

Name? Jayne Lenehan

When did you first start playing hockey? 1st year in Newbridge College

You played hockey in college but took a break then, what made you decide to come back to play in Newbridge HC? A few reasons! One because I always loved it and enjoyed watching Emma, Louise and Susan play their games in St Mary's and secondly because there was only so much more I could hear from Emma telling me to come back playing and join Newbridge!!!

Position on the 2nds? Left back

Jayne Lenehan

Do you play any other sports / activities? love the gym and running so when i'm not playing hockey I'm with KTRTC (Kildare Town Running & Tri Club) or in Energie Fitness!

Favourite Sports Person? that's a tough question! I really admire so many of them but right now probably Jessica Ennis... to be that good in so many disciplines is something I really admire! however ask me next week and I could have someone else!

Biggest influence on your sporting life so far? my swimming coach when I was about 7/8 years old.. enstilled a passion for swimming into me, trained me to be a lifegaurd and win several swimming medals!

Best advice someone has ever given you? you can only be the person that you are, not the person that other people want you to be..

Favourite music? toughy!!! i was a die hard Westlife fan for YEARS! (secretly still am!) but loving Kodaline and that type of music at the moment!

Favourite movie? Pretty Woman! an absolute classic!

Who’s the tough nut of the team? I think Lisa is fairly tough!! I know she's only new but Herbie is fairly deadly in the tackles! no fear in her!!!

Who’s the quickest? I think Jenna is fairly speedy! Or KerryAnne when she's with us!

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? I'd say we're all fairly punctual aren't we?! i've to be careful on that... could come back to haunt me!!!

Any advice for someone looking to try a new sport? what's the worst that can happen? try it out and if it's not for you at least you can always say you tried it! don't knock it till you've tried it!

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