Player Profile : Sharon Whelan

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Sharon Whelan

When did you first start playing hockey?

In school, many moons ago!!

How long have you been with Newbridge HC?

Since the beginning in 1995 – I had just come home from living in Brussels and was one of the first eleven

Position on the 2nds?

Wherever Luke puts me!

Do you play any other sports / activities?

At the moment I’m a member of the Performance and Fitness Academy (slightly addicted to it!) plus I run (use to play basketball and GAA)

Favourite Sports Person?

Think it would have to be Jose Mourinho – I know he’s not a player but as well as being easy on the eye, he’s a super manager and I also like his slightly mental side!

Biggest influence on your sporting life so far?

Probably my parents, both were very sporty when we were growing up and encouraged us to take part in everything . . which we did!

Best advice someone has ever given you?

“If you’re going to do something, do it right!”

Favourite music?

Love most music, Brit Pop a firm favourite, also was a bit of a rock chick (in the day) but at the moment loving Ed Shearan

Favourite movie?

The Breakfast Club (yeh I know, showing my age!)

Who would you say is the tough nut of the team?

There’s a few but probably Coxy, Có and our newest member Aoife Herbert is also a definite contender!

Who’s the quickest?

Good question, I think we probably need to have a race as some of the girls are deceptively fast . . . .

Who’s the joker of the team?

There’s a few and the younger ones are now putting us in our place – yes I mean YOU Aimee and Jenna!!!

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?

Again too many to mention …

Any advice for someone looking to try a new sport?

Hockey is a sport people can pick up at any age and coupled with that can be played for a long long time… look at me I’ve retired 3 times at this stage!!!

As the chairperson of the club can you tell us what makes Newbridge HC special?

Great question . . . as Chairperson I think it has to be that it provides an outlet of FUN, FITNESS and FRIENDS. I’ve been around since the beginning and have made and kept fantastic friends over the years…Newbridge Hockey Club has and will always hold a special place in my heart.

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