Rule Changes for 2015/2016 Season

Penalty Corner

If a defender breaks the line on a short corner they must go beyond the halfway line.

If it happens a second time, the defender must again go beyond the halfway line.

This continues if defenders continue to break the line.

If the Goalie breaks the line, one of the defenders can take her place and go beyond the halfway line.

If an attacker breaks early into circle on a short corner and interferes with a defender they must go beyond the halfway line.

Injector fakes the pushout, they are sent to halfway but is replaced by another player.

Long corners

If the ball was played unintentionally over back line by a defender, the free is now taken from the 25yrd line, inline with where it went out, not at the long corner mark.

The ball must still must move 5m before entering circle and or be touched by another player on the same team.

Use of stick above shoulder

Ball can now be tapped down in the air after a flicked ball so long as it is not deemed as dangerous.

You cannot swing at the ball in the air but you may tap it down.

If the flick of ball/aerial is dangerous a free hit is given against the flicker. The free hit is to be taken from where the flick occurred. Previously, it was taken from where the ball landed.

Free given around the circle (at circle when the free is given less than 5m from circle)

Ball must travel 5m before entering circle. If an attacker 'taps' ball, another attacker on his team can travel from 5m away to bring the ball directly into circle.

Defenders cannot touch ball until it has either travelled 5 or has been touched by another player, they can shadow.

A free will be given against a defender who interferes with play before the ball has travelled 5m. Persistent offenders will be punished with a short corner.

Green card.

Green card-2minutes. Time starts when once player has left the pitch.

Player can't return to pitch if it is to be an advantage to the team or at a short corner.

Once a player is permitted to return to they pitch they can come straight back on not from halfway line.


Branch umpires will expect a captain to have an armband.

'Bring it up 10m' rule is now gone. Offending player is given a verbal warning. If behaviour persists then a green card is given if it's blatant ignoring.

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