Do any of the above look familiar??

Well guess what – you’re not the only!

But do you know what – THEY SOON DISAPPEAR.

Sport plays a massive role in giving people confidence,

it’s fantastic for our well being, and peace of mind.

We will help get you through the fear factor.

You will start to see how really ‘strong’ you are.

You will laugh, you will make new friends, you will be part of something, you will belong.

We won’t judge YOU - we ALL have wobbly bits.

We all have families – they are PROUD of us.

Exercise WILL improve your concentration for exams and studying.

If you miss a ball you go again – SORRY is not a word we want to hear.

We all have red faces.

None of us look made up.

We all started somewhere.

Our club is made up of all abilities and ALL ages.

How will you know if you don’t try?

Get in touch with us if you want to get fit, be part of something, feel your best and have a laugh!!

Cólleen –0857054097 Email: or get in touch via FB & Twitter @newbridgehc

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